E-Commerce Air Import FAQs

Why am I receiving this message from Trans Global Freight Management Ltd?

Trans Global Freight Management Ltd., have been appointed as the customs clearance agent for your order. We are approved by Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) to issue customs entries and release shipments into the UK and the EU. Our company registration number is 1272658. You can find out more about Trans Global Freight management Ltd., by visiting our Website www.trans-global.com. You can also contact us at our London Heathrow (Air HQ) office on telephone number 01932 778100 contacting the import manager, Tony Bersey, alternatively you can contact our operations director Simon Rawlinson on Tel 01932 778100. We will gladly verify any communications you have received and confirm all details to you.

Why is Import Duty or VAT payable on my shipment?

An import entry is required for all goods entering the UK / EU from outside of the EU. Depending on the type of goods & the value of the goods imported, import duty and or Import VAT maybe payable. You can find out further information from the HMRC website.

Alcoholic beverages (including wines, spirits beers etc.), tobacco products and some other products will also incur HMRC Excise duties which you can find out more about by visiting the HMRC website.

Depending on the terms you have purchased your product on (you can check this on the seller’s website) the import customs clearance administration charge, import duty and or import VAT maybe included in your order and these charges are sent to the seller. If not, then we have to collect these charges from you

Why do I have to pay a customs clearance fee?

To process customs entries there are administration charges for Data Interface with HMRC. This charge is sent to the seller on purchases which include import duties and import VAT but if these charges are to be collected from the buyer then the charge is collected from the buyer.

Why was it not clear on my purchase that Import Duty and or Import VAT is payable on my goods when I ordered them?

The seller is responsible to for their own sales and marketing communications. Should you feel that you were not properly advised of these charges then you should take this up directly with the seller.

When will I receive by order after payment of the import duties, import VAT and customs clearance fee?

If payment is received within the allocated payment period, which is mentioned in your notification, your shipment will be customs cleared, released and handed to the appointed courier for delivery to the designated address on your order. This would normally be between 3 & 5 working days. However, this can vary depending on the service you selected when you made your purchase.

What if I don’t pay the import duties, import Vat and the import customs clearance fee within the allocated payment period.

If the charges have not been paid within the allocated payment period a notification will be sent by us to the seller who in turn will issue further instructions to the carrier / us as to what we are to do with the shipment.

What if I want to cancel my order, return my order or change the delivery address.

You MUST contact the seller and cancel the order/ arrange to return the order / change the order. Trans Global cannot process any changes to your order. Our instructions can only come from the seller / the carrier.