WACO – A Global Network of Freight Management & Logistics Professionals

TransGlobal is delighted to have been chosen as the UK member of the World Air Cargo Organisation, the foremost independent global freight management and logistics network. 

  • Members in 90 countries
  • Coverage across 6 continents
  • Operating in more than 400 locations
  • More than 21,000 freight personnel
  • Handling over 1.85 million air shipments a year
  • Comprising more than 1 million tons of airfreight cargo
  • Combined turnover of more than $4 billion, making WACO a major player in the global market
  • Global track-and-trace system providing transparency and data exchange platforms for members
  • Combined spend of members leveraged with preferred airlines and other companies to secure favourable rates that can be passed to customers
  • Established in 1973
  • Continued expansion: most recent members appointed from Africa, the Middle East and Latin America