TransGlobal Cross Board E-Commerce Service

Advances in technology and systems’ integrations over the last couple of decades have allowed E-Commerce to flourish and has today transformed the supply chain.

All parties exchange and process documents electronically allowing greater levels of automation and much faster turnaround on multi shipment consignments.

Freight Forwarders are at the centre of the processes involved, providing efficient mechanisms to move and customs-clear the cargo, through the processing of relevant structured data being exchanged (CSV, XML etc…).

Origin Gateway to LHR

Orders placed with our Network of offices locally.

Our Overseas Network of partners pick up from the nominated Collection Point.

Tender Cargo to Airline at all Major Worldwide Gateways based in BSA’s and allotments.

Data produced on an Electronic Manifest and sent to TGFM for pre Clearance and Data Validation.

Electronic Download into TGFM Brokerage Platform with Customs compliance.

System Categorises items into LV < £15 / MV £15-£134.99 / HV >£135

Package Delivery to Door ( UK and EU ) with Final Mile as per requirements.